Fee Guide (As at July 2019)

Children eligible will normally be seen under NHS

We are happy to discuss individual fees with you and can produce a detailed estimate if treatment is carried out over several sessions. This list is intended as a guide only and is subject to variation based on materials used and complexity of treatment.

Examinations And Xray
Initial Exam for New Patient From £60.00
Routine Exam/Consultation for Existing Patient From £50.00
2nd Opinion From £50.00
Small X-ray From £14.00
Periodontal Treatment
Scale & Polish From £45.00
Hygienist - 30 minutes From £58.00
Extensive scale with Dentist From £60.00
Composite (white) Filling From £110.00
Glass Ionomer (white) Filling From £140.00
Amalgam Filling From £95.00
Fissure Sealants per Tooth From £25.00
Root Canal Treatment
Incisor / Canine From £300.00
Premolar From £400.00
Molar From £500.00
Additional Visit From £150.00
Emergency open to drain abscess From £120.00
Home Bleaching Kit Inc 3 Syringes From £350.00
Extra Bleaching Syringes From £35.00
Or Box of 3 Syringes  From £95.00
Crowns & Bridges
Porcelain Bonded to Gold Crown From £600.00
Full Gold Crown From £600.00
Porcelain Crown From £600.00
E-Max Superior Crown From £750.00
Cerec in Surgery 1 visit Crown From £650.00
Post & Core for Crown From £80.00
Fugi 9 Core for Crown From £80.00
Re-cement Crown From £80.00
Bridge Per Unit From £600.00
Maryland Acid Etch Bridge per Unit From £600.00
Temp Lab Constructed 1 unit Maryland From £300.00
Inlays & Veneers
Porcelain Veneer From £600.00
Gold Inlay From £600.00
Cerec in Surgery Inlay/On-lay  From £650.00
Full Upper Chrome From £1200.00
Partial Chrome From £900.00
Superior Partial From £650.00
Superior Full Upper & Lower Acrylic From £2000.00
Superior Full Upper OR Lower Acrylic From £800.00
Temporary Acrylic Denture 1-3 Teeth From £250.00
Addition of Tooth/Clasp From £100.00
Repair of Denture From £100.00
Repair of Denture with Impression From £110.00
Denture Re-line From £145.00
Simple Extraction Inc of post Op care From £190.00
Surgical Extraction From £250.00
Temporary Filling From £70.00
Gum Shield/Bite Guard From £80.00
Study Models From £50.00
Acute Conditions From £30.00
Emergency Out of Hours From £110.00
Local Anaesthetic for Hygienist From £15.00
Implant consultation From £150.00
Implant From £2750.00



 Eligible Children will normally be seen under NHS

Routine Exam From


New Patient Exam (13 and under)                                                                   (14 and over)                                 




Fillings From £30.00 - £100.00
Scale & Polish From £15.00
Root Canal Treatment From £80.00
Unregistered Emergency From £40.00